After The Rain

Our villas are designed to celebrate nature at its best. Our living spaces provide sufficient light and ventilation. This helps you to stay close to nature and enjoy serenity. The foyer connects to the living, dining, kitchen at lobby/ground level, and to two bedrooms, one each at the lower and the upper levels.

The selective use of natural materials provides a warm texture to the whole living experience here. The four-bedroom, split-level design of these villas has its focal point as a courtyard, where all spaces open into.


A typical home in a gated community often lacks privacy, warmth, and intimacy. All our V30 4-bedroom homes are completely different, while sharing a common wall with another home. Cleverly designed to appear low and inviting from the outside, while being spacious duplex homes on the inside, an intimate scale has been created that doesn’t allow the streetscape to be dominated by large built structures. Formed in the shape of an L, each home opens out onto a spacious garden that can be completely customised to meet your aesthetic preferences. A host of innovative features have been introduced to enhance your living experience in your personalised home.

Carpet Area :
2,642 sq.ft.
Built-up Area :
3,200 sq.ft.
Cleverly designed to appear low and inviting from the outside, while being spacious duplex homes on the inside, these homes charm every step of the way and provide the always-on connection with nature.

A serene life awaits you at After the Rain. With a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior, these handcrafted courtyard homes, set under a blanket of earth, which keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter, are a retreat within the city. They are set under a blanket of earth, which keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter. Enjoy the bounty of Nature, as natural light floods the living spaces through large glass doors and windows.
After The Rain | 3, 3.5 & 4.5 Bedroom Simplex & Duplex Apartments | Children's Bedroom | Furnished Wall Architecture


The V50 duplex homes are cleverly built to appear like inviting, single-level units from the outside. This smart design creates an intimate scale and allows the streetscape to not be dominated by large structures. The V50 home features smart green roofs that improve air quality, keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, reduce rainwater run-off, and promote a natural habitat. In addition, thanks to the homes being placed along one side, almost every single space within the duplex opens out onto a tranquil peaceful garden

Carpet Area :
4,055 sqft.
Build-Up Area :
5,120 sqft.

At Total Environment, we started with a simple mission: to make homes worth living in. This simple idea took us places we couldn’t have initially imagined. Over two decades later, we still pursue this ideal in everything we touch, make and do.

We build your home around you, just the way you want it to be, just how you like to live your life, not the other way around. “Our Differences” are a manifestation of these possibilities, coupled with our passion for making a difference to the world.



Basketball Court

Outdoor Gym

Jogging Track

Billiards Table

Steam Rooms

Tennis Court

Skating Rink

Swimming Pools


Kids’ Play Area

Pet Park

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Set on a verdant expanse of greenery, After The Rain, our highly acclaimed project in Yelahanka, Bangalore comprises 4 BHK villas of the highest aesthetic and construction standards. The property encompasses of 3200 - 5120 sqft in 55 Acres of Land Area , offering v30 villas and V50 villas.

Enjoy the convenience of urban living with well-developed social infrastructure like schools, hospitals, hotels, retail, dining and entertainment in close proximity to the project.